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Letter from the President

ke EinterzClients, patrons, and volunteers find abundant opportunities through the Caring Center. For those who have supported the Caring Center with their time and talents, or with donations of food or personal property or money, or through the many prayers and regular assistance, we thank you and appreciate all that you allow to be accomplished. We ask again for your involvement and support and that you bring a friend or two with you to help us serve our clients.

Numerous programs assist our clients—from the food pantry to cooking classes to Kids at the Table to clothing and living assistance. But these opportunities are available only through the involvement of our patrons and volunteers. We invite our community to be part of the solution to hunger and poverty by taking part in one or more opportunities to serve our neighbors through the Caring Center.

Our website provides the necessary information to get involved or contact us through email or phone calls to find out the details of how you can get involved and help your neighbors. I encourage you to pick a project or program or two and become involved with it and those who are served through it. I invite you to support the Caring Center with your volunteer efforts, with your prayers, with your presence, and with your food and clothing and financial contributions. To be effective we need many volunteers to perform thousands of hours of service for and with our clients. We need all of the good wishes and prayers the community can provide for the center, it's volunteers, and it's clients. We need your contributions.

I encourage you to pick a project or program or two and become involved with it and those who are served through it.

Mike Einterz, President of The Caring Center Board

Solving the complex problems of hunger and poverty requires a client centered approach in which the client is first welcomed and then served and then guided to self sufficiency. Then together the community can celebrate each individual's successes as they move from need to a station in life where they may seize the opportunities before them and better themselves and their families. This is why we work so diligently at the Caring Center- for the success of our community as measured by the care and opportunity generated for those most in need.

The Caring Center is completely privately funded. It stands as an example of what communities can accomplish when they direct the solutions to difficult and perplexing problems that affect our neighbors. If we receive more from the community—more volunteers, more contributions of food and clothing and money, more prayers and inspirations, then we will do more and hopefully, solve the problems faster.

Please get involved. You and those around you and those whom you serve will be greatly enriched by the opportunities you choose.

Thank you,

Mike Einterz, President
The Caring Center Board

About Us

The Caring Center is a multi-program, not-for-profit organization in Boone County, Indiana, serving hundreds of needy families and thousands of individuals annually through the dedication of scores of volunteers.

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