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We Need You

"Numerous programs assist our clients, but these opportunities are available only through the involvement of our patrons and volunteers. We need you to be part of the solution to hunger and poverty by getting involved and serving our neighbors with the Caring Center."

~Mike Einterz, President The Caring Center Board

Getting Ahead

"Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting’-By World" is a facilitated 45-50 hour program that meets for 13 to 16 weeks. It helps individuals in poverty build their resources and personal plans for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families and their communities. It is about building stability and a better future for our communities.

Dollar signsIt is built on the work and ideas of Dr. Ruby Payne on the hidden rules of economic class, and the subsequent applications of those principles in two books by Philip DeVol ("Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities", and "Bridges to Sustainable Communities: A system wide, cradle-to-grave approach to Ending Poverty in America").

This course includes 10 modules: Getting Started, What's it like now, Theory of Change, Rich / Poor Gap & How it Works, Hidden Rules of Economic Class, Eleven resources, Stages of Change, Self-assessment of resources, Building resources, Community Assessment, Your Plan for getting from poverty to prosperity, Creating mental models for your personal path out of poverty and for community prosperity, Where to Go to build personal and community resources, and Closing & Transition to mentoring.

The program shows how to build up financial, emotional, social, and other resources. Understanding the hidden rules of the middle class and wealth, and choosing to use them, can open doors to new relationships, new jobs, and higher resources.

The workbook is designed to be used as an investigation tool by individuals working in groups with a trained facilitator. The participants explore the impact that poverty has had on them, investigate economic realities, complete a self-assessment of their own resources, make plans to build their own resources, and develop a mental model of community prosperity.

This workshop is offered throughout the US and Canada and in several other countries also. Here in Boone County we have had great success with this program and have partnered with our local Habitat for Humanity. It is required that HFH families complete this course before becoming a homeowner. The course hours are counted by HFH as "sweat equity hours." We are the only agency that offers this program in Boone County at this time.

Since January of 2014 we have offered the class one time a year, it is our plan to offer it two times a year in 2016. We have had many inquires about this program and would appreciate your help in providing this life changing course to Boone County residents.

Testimonials from Our Participants

"This class gave me so much insight of self. Really gave me so much to think about. One thing I learned that will help me the most is that poverty is not just about money - Money poverty is NOT what holds you back." ~ C. W.

"This class helped me to realize that some of the stress that I was feeling in my life was based off of the way I was approaching the situation. This class helped me to find new ways to resolve certain situations and make my life less stressful." ~C.R.

"Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World is an amazing class that is completely judge free. It’s a great interactive class where I’ve made a few friends. This class has helped me learn how to talk to people and has helped encourage me to keep moving forward." ~E.S.

"The Getting Ahead class was quite educational. I was not aware that there were other types of poverty only financially related. The class was very enlightening, getting to meet new incredible people. Hearing their life stories and being open about their situations. No one, should condemn or be judgmental towards anyone in any type of poverty. I found this class to be very awakening not only related to financial, but about our community and how we can contribute to it to help others. The lecture was also on how to communicate and negotiate with one another. I would highly recommend this class to anyone no matter what your financial status is." ~ R.H.

"This class has opened my eyes and I have learned so much. I look at things ina new positive way. Theresa is such a great teacher and is very supportive, caring and always positive." ~T.B.

"I learned a lot from this class, how to budget better." ~L.M.

How You Can Help

  • Donate funds to help sponsor this program
  • Prepare and deliver a meal for all class participants for one class

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The Caring Center is a multi-program, not-for-profit organization in Boone County, Indiana, serving hundreds of needy families and thousands of individuals annually through the dedication of scores of volunteers.

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